Some features

  • No ads or tracking

    Browse any movie info without being tracked or bombarded by annoying ads.

  • Modern interface

    Modern interface with curated colors supporting both dark and light themes.

  • Responsive design

    Be it your small mobile or big computer screen, it's fully responsive.

Questions you may have

How do I use this?

Replace `` in any IMDb URL with any of the instances. For example: `` to `` . To avoid changing the URLs manually, you can use extensions like LibRedirect.

Why is it slow?

Whenever you request info about a movie/show on libremdb, 4 trips are made(2 between your browser and libremdb's server, and 2 between libremdb's server and IMDb's server) instead of the usual 2 trips when you visit a website. For this reason there's a noticable delay. This is a bit of inconvenience you'll have to face should you wish to use this website.

It doesn't have all routes.

I'll implement more with time :)

Is content served from third-parties, like Amazon?

Nope, libremdb proxies all image and video requests through the instance to avoid exposing your IP address, browser information and other personally identifiable metadata (Contributor).

Why not just use IMDb?

Refer to the features section above.

Why didn't you use other databases like TMDB or OMDb?

IMDb simply has superior dataset compared to all other alternatives. With that being said, I'd encourage you to check out those alternatives too.

Your website name is quite, ehm, lame.

Let's just say I'm not very good at naming things.

I have some ideas/features/suggestions.

That's great! I've a couple of contact methods. Send your beautiful suggestions(or complaints), or just drop a hi.